Tall Masts & Billowing Sails

With the cloudy skies setting a mood of mystery and times long past, six tall ships sailed into Summerside Harbour this past weekend, bringing with them a visual reminder of Summerside’s origins in the sailing and shipbuilding industries.

Among the proud ships could be found a gaff rigged, square topsail schooner, the replica Pirate Ship “Liana’s Ransom“, the 110 foot (33.5 metre) brigantine “Fair Jeanne“, the Bermuda Sloop, “Spirit of Bermuda“, the schooner “Mist of Avalon“, the brigantine “St. Lawrence II“, and the schooner “Sea Change“.


This glimpse into sea going history brought people of all ages down to the Port of Summerside for a first hand look at these magnificent ships. Adults and children alike, marvelled at the design and craftsmanship of these vessels, once used for transportation, work (and even skulduggery), now reminders of the commitment of those who dedicated their lives to riding the waves of the open seas.