Message from SPCI CEO

In light of the recent tragedy in Lebanon I would like to reassure the people of Summerside and surrounding areas that the Summerside Port Corporation Inc (SPCI) follows strict protocols for operations and security at all times, but most especially when sensitive cargo is handled in our port.

SPCI meets all standards set by Transport Canada, and Natural Resources Canada and has been certified by Fertilizer Canada to handle fertilizer including Ammonia Nitrate (AN) and other similar cargo. SPCI follows federal government standards and continues to work closely with TC. Two years ago port users discontinued importing AN as a stand-alone product, such as was stored in Beirut, and switched to importing fertilizer with different combinations of product that are not combustible.

You may be confident that SPCI will continue to abide by strict controls and that it will continue to consider the safety of the Port and of the community to be of the utmost importance.

Arnold Croken, CEO

Summerside Port Corporation Inc