Message from SPCI CEO

In light of the recent tragedy in Lebanon I would like to reassure the people of Summerside and surrounding areas that the Summerside Port Corporation Inc (SPCI) follows strict protocols for operations and security at all times, but most especially when sensitive cargo is handled in our port.

SPCI meets all standards set by Transport Canada, and Natural Resources Canada and has been certified by Fertilizer Canada to handle fertilizer including Ammonia Nitrate (AN) and other similar cargo. SPCI follows federal government standards and continues to work closely with TC. Two years ago port users discontinued importing AN as a stand-alone product, such as was stored in Beirut, and switched to importing fertilizer with different combinations of product that are not combustible.

You may be confident that SPCI will continue to abide by strict controls and that it will continue to consider the safety of the Port and of the community to be of the utmost importance.

Arnold Croken, CEO

Summerside Port Corporation Inc

Shipments at the SPCI

Here at the Summerside Port Corporation, we regularly receive shipments of a diverse array of products for import and export. Check out a few of the ships who have visited our harbour over the past few years.


Welcoming New Board Members


October 10, 2018

Summerside Port Corporation Inc is pleased to announce that Amanda Murphy and Alan Montgomery have been appointed as Directors of the Summerside Port Corporation Inc at its Annual General Meeting held on July 19, 2018.


“We pulled it off,” the pride and relief shows on Neil Campbell’s face. He pulled it off with the partnership of Richardson International and a lot of help from workers and the dock facility in Summerside, PEI, Grain Elevator Staff and Maritime soybean growers. As General Manager of the PEI Grain Elevator Corporation, all of the weight was on his shoulders.


Filling Up With Beans

Once again, the The Summerside Port Corporation warehouse is abuzz with activity as truck after truck after truck arrives to deliver its load of soy beans. The vast quantity of beans held in the warehouse is an amazing sight.

In a few short weeks a cargo ship will arrive to have its holds filled by conveyor, a very effective means of transporting the beans indeed!

Summerside Port Corporation Inc. Appointments

Summerside Port Corporation Inc. is pleased to announce that Jim Bradley and Ivan Noonan have been appointed as Directors of the Corporation at its annual general meeting held on July 27, 2017, and that Arnold Croken has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective September 18, 2017.


Wet & Wild on the Waterfront

Laughter fills the air at the Port of Summerside as families line up to take the challenge of the new Off the Wallz Splash Park floating obstacle course.


A Busy Time at the Port

The Fall of 2016 has proven to be a busy season for the Port of Summerside. Since the beginning of October, there has been a ship at port almost every day. The latter part of December even provided an uncommon view of 2 ships berthed at the Port of Summerside at the same time!


Hill of Beans

For the first time in recent memory, Island soy beans are being shipped directly from The Summerside Port Corporation warehouse. In the past, soy beans grown by Island farmers were trucked to Halifax and shipped from there.


Summeride 2015

On Friday July 24, motorcycles from far and wide began rolling into Summerside to take part in the first annual Summeride Bike Rally. The Port of Summerside played host to a number of events, from Jimmy Flynn and EDGE performing to delighted crowds in the Marine Terminal, to a display of vendors set up on Heather Moyse Drive along with a motorcycle-only parking zone.


While on PEI, participants in The Summeride Bike Rally took part in a great number of activities, including Coastal Rides, Stunt Demonstrations, Rat Bike Contest, Red Rock n’ Roller Derby, Tattoo Contest and of course Summerside Lobster Festival activities.




With the success of this year’s event, lets hope this is the first of many Summerides to come!