Policies of the Summerside Port Corporation

SPCI Vessel Berthage and Anchorage Policy

SPCI shall determine in advance of the vessel’s arrival which berth at the Marine Terminal will be available to accommodate the vessel.

Vessels in distress or in emergency cases shall have priority of passage over any other vessel arriving at Port of Summerside facilities.

Vessels requesting berthage will be accommodated at the Summerside Berth on a first come, first served basis. SPCI in its sole discretion may give preference to vessels based on consideration of their size, type of cargo, tendering capabilities or other factors as it sees fit in the circumstance.

No Responsibility

SPCI does not accept responsibility for any demurrage costs resulting from the shifting of a vessel or from any delays in berthing at or removing from a berth or anchorage facility.

SPCI Marine Facility Security Policy

Any vessel which has an international flagged registry entering and/or requesting anchorage or berthage in the Port of Summerside must report its arrival to the SPCI’s Harbour Master.

The Harbour Master, acting in his capacity as the Marine Facilities Security Officer (MFSO), will initiate the appropriate security measures in accordance with Transport Canada’s Marine Transportation Security Act and Regulations for the period of time that the vessel is in port. Any and all security costs associated with the vessel’s arrival, duration of stay, and departure from the Port of Summerside, will be the responsibility of the vessel’s owner, agent or the vessel itself, whatever the case may be. These security costs are over and above any other port charges that are levied against the vessel.