Port of Summerside Data

Berthage 187m berth (7.3m)
183m berth (7.0m)
91.5m berth (5.2m)
66m berth (7.3m)
Latitude 46 23’N
Longitude 63 43’W
Chart 4459′
Density 1020
Vessel Length maximum of 225m (738 ft)
Deck Elevation 3.05m (10 ft)
Depth Alongside 8.6m (28 ft)
Turning Basin diameter of 305m (1,000 ft)
Maximum Draft 6.7m at low tide – 7.3m at high tide (plus tide)
Buildings Transit shed comprised of 4,970 sqm of heated space
Forklift storage and pallet disinfection building (418.5 sqm)
Ships Watering Available year round
Power Available upon request
Security Meets Dept. of Transportation security requirements
Harbour Pilot Pickup 46 19’N 63 53’W (not compulsory)
Sanitary Service Available upon request
Garbage Removal Available upon request
Tug Service Available upon request – 24 hours notice
Supplies Fuel by truck
Minor Repairs
Available upon request
Hospital Emergency – 5 minutes away
Airports Private – 20 minutes away
Commercial – 45 minutes away