Fees and Tariffs of Port of Summerside

*Fees effective from September 1, 2022*

Description Rate in Dollars
1. Charge on a vessel, other than described below, at float or dock, per day of part thereof:

a) per day or part thereof:

b) per month:

per metre 1.98
per metre  52.00
2. Charge on Canadian commercial fishing vessel moored at a float or elsewhere, or on a vessel not engaged in commercial activity, moored elsewhere than at a float, per day or part thereof:

HST is included:

Yearly permit (required):

Per season:





3. Commercial vessel engaged in cargo activity: (a) per metre a day or part thereof 2.34
4. Commercial or Government vessel with no cargo or passenger activity, per meter a day or part thereof: 11.18
5. Minimum berthage charge: 31.20

Harbour Maintenance Fees
Description Rate in Dollars
1. The charge payable for each entry of a vessel entering the Port of Summerside, per gross registered tonne, in the case of a vessel: (a) used in the carriage of goods or passengers from a place in Canada to another place in Canada at the time it comes into the Port of Summerside, which is:

  • (i) domestic vessels
  • (ii) other vessels
Storage Fees
per sq metre
Description Rate in Dollars
1. Interior storage

Bulk storage
(inside transit shed)

Exterior storage


per month per tonne



per sq m/day 0.19
Wharfage and Transfer Charges
Description Rate in Dollars
1. Not Otherwise Stated: (a) per tonne 3.64
(b) per  m3 2.96
3. Fertilizer per tonne 1.25
4. Grain, Grain Products per tonne 0.99
5. Salt in bulk per tonne 1.13
6. Sand, gravel, stone, lime, limestone per tonne 0.88
7. Other Dry Bulk Commodities per tonne 1.30
Cruise Ship Passengers
Description Rate in Dollars
1. Passenger charges in respect of a continuous voyage: (a) for each adult 7.80
(b) for each child under 12 years of age 3.64
2. Passenger Charges for voyages originating or terminating in Summerside Harbour: (a) for each adult 21.22
(b) for each child under 12 years of age 10.61

Schedule “E”
Port of Summerside Utilities and Other Services
Schedule of Rates
Description Rate June 1, 2019 (in CDN Dollars)
1. Electricity, water, garbage disposal, sewage disposal, snow removal, wharf cleaning Cost plus 25%
2. Water – volume

3 hour minimum

50.00 plus


3. Bunkering, per litre 0.04
4. Security Personnel, per guard per hour 32.76